Inhale Exhale by Nasum

"Inhale Exhale" by Nasum is a solid example of grindcore, a subgenre known for its extreme speed and aggression. Nasum delivers an intense sonic assault with short, powerful tracks that pack a punch. The album is relentless in its energy, showcasing the band's talent for creating chaotic and fast-paced compositions.

Nasum's approach to grindcore is evident in their intricate and intense guitar work, which blends seamlessly with the breakneck drumming. The vocals are guttural and aggressive, fitting the chaotic nature of the music perfectly. The lyrics cover a range of topics, including socio-political issues and environmental concerns, which add depth to the listening experience.

"Inhale Exhale" is a well-produced album that showcases Nasum's technical proficiency and ability to create complex, engaging music within the grindcore genre. However, the album may not be as appealing to listeners who prefer the progressive, djent, or technical death metal subgenres, as it doesn't delve into the same level of complexity or experimentation.

  • Intense, fast-paced grindcore sound
  • Skilled musicianship and intricate guitar work
  • Engaging lyrics covering socio-political and environmental topics
  • Limited appeal to fans of progressive, djent, or technical death metal
  • Lack of experimentation and innovation within the genre

Similar: Pig Destroyer, Rotten Sound

Comparing "Inhale Exhale" to the works of similar artists like Pig Destroyer and Rotten Sound, it is evident that all three bands are committed to the grindcore sound. While Pig Destroyer leans more toward a mix of grindcore and death metal influences, Rotten Sound displays a strong crust punk influence in their music. Nasum, on the other hand, maintains a more traditional grindcore sound with a focus on socio-political and environmental themes in their lyrics.

Rating: 7/10

-- Bhoot


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