Hunted by Khemmis

"Hunted" by Khemmis is an album that delves into the world of doom metal, blending elements of traditional doom with a modern, melodic approach. Throughout the album, the band showcases their ability to create a heavy, atmospheric sound that is both captivating and emotionally evocative.

The musicianship on "Hunted" is exceptional, with each member of Khemmis contributing to a rich, layered sound. The guitar work is particularly noteworthy, featuring powerful riffs and memorable melodies that draw the listener in. The vocals are clean and emotive, with occasional forays into growls and screams that add intensity to the music. The lyrics deal with themes of loss, introspection, and despair, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the album.

The production quality of "Hunted" is top-notch, allowing each instrument to shine and contribute to the album's dense, immersive sound. However, the album may not fully resonate with fans of Viking, pagan, and folk metal, as it does not heavily feature traditional instruments or focus on historical themes. Despite this, listeners who appreciate a more atmospheric and melodic take on doom metal may find the album an engaging listen.

  • Strong musicianship, particularly in guitar work
  • Emotive vocals and powerful atmosphere
  • High-quality production
  • Limited incorporation of traditional instruments
  • Lacks a strong connection to Norse mythology or ancient history themes

Similar: Pallbearer, YOB

When comparing "Hunted" to similar artists like Pallbearer and YOB, it becomes apparent that all three bands share a focus on atmospheric and melodic doom metal. However, Pallbearer tends to lean more toward a sorrowful and introspective sound, while YOB incorporates elements of psychedelic and stoner rock into their music. Khemmis differentiates itself with a more balanced approach, blending the heaviness of traditional doom with the emotional depth of melodic doom metal.

Rating: 8/10

-- Draugr


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