Anareta by Horrendous

"Anareta" by Horrendous is an album that explores the realms of death metal while incorporating progressive elements, showing a unique fusion of styles. The band demonstrates their technical prowess, delivering complex riffs and intricate drum patterns throughout the album.

The album's production quality is excellent, allowing the listener to fully appreciate the band's musicianship. Horrendous showcases a wide range of influences within the death metal genre, taking cues from both old-school acts and more modern progressive bands. This fusion of styles adds a distinct flavor to the album that sets it apart from other death metal releases.

Lyrically, "Anareta" deals with themes of existentialism, nihilism, and the human condition, which adds a layer of depth to the album's overall concept. The vocals are powerful and guttural, effectively conveying the album's dark atmosphere.

While not directly related to Draugr's preferred subgenres, the incorporation of progressive elements and the band's willingness to experiment with different sounds may appeal to fans of Viking, pagan, and folk metal.

  • Technical proficiency of the musicians
  • Fusion of death metal with progressive elements
  • Excellent production quality
  • Limited incorporation of traditional instruments
  • Lacks a strong connection to Norse mythology or ancient history themes

Similar: Tribulation, Vektor

When comparing "Anareta" to similar artists like Tribulation and Vektor, one can observe that all three bands incorporate progressive elements into their music. However, Tribulation tends to lean more towards blackened death metal and gothic rock influences, while Vektor's music is infused with thrash metal elements. Horrendous, on the other hand, focuses on blending old-school death metal with progressive nuances.

Rating: 7/10

-- Draugr


Horrendous - Anareta (2015, Full Album)


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